Heart-Shaped Box review – the book, not the song

For my first review I decided to do a quick review of a book that I picked up because it has the same name as a famous song. It’s the Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill.

The book is rather good, even though it could be a bit better. I won’t go into plot details a lot, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that still hasn’t read it. What I think is that the plot twist might be a bit too obvious, or at least that’s how I felt.

For example when I was reading the book I guessed it practically from the first time that the ghost appeared who he might be. Author should have tried to obscure that fact a bit more. Better yet use misdirection to throw us all on the wrong path when making guesses on who the ghost might be.

Other than that, the story was quite good, I like the writing style used. I especially liked the book title, and how it draws lines between the characters in the book and that famous band that made the song that goes by the same name. I give this book a rating of:

That’s it, let me know what you thought about Heart-Shaped Box, the book not the song.